Discount Safety Signs

At Discount Safety Signs Australia we believe that “Safety shouldn’t come at a price”. It is our mission to provide quality Australian made safety signs nationwide. Our great prices and convenient online ordering platform make us a preferred supplier to many Australian businesses. Since 2013, Discount Safety Signs Australia has developed a suite of safety signs and designs to meet the workplace health and safety (WHS) needs of all businesses and industries in Australia.

Popular Products

Discount Safety Signs ensures you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to protect your staff, visitors and members of the public against the possible unseen dangers that usually lurk throughout a worksite.

Make an impact with our range of top quality Safety Signs and keep everyone alert and aware. Filled with bold lettering, bright colours and clear and concise messaging, our signs DO NOT go unnoticed.

Promoting safe working conditions is something that is paramount to us as a business here at Discount Safety Signs, therefore all of our signs are easy to utilise and are 100% workplace ready.