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QLD Construction industry profile

Construction Industry QLD

Construction industry profile – WorkSafe QLD

The construction industry has been identified as a priority for work health and safety by the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022(Australian strategy). This construction industry profile presents an overview of the main trends of workers’ injuries and fatalities in the Queensland construction industry.

Main facts:

  • Around 11% of construction falls injuries were caused by ladders.
  • There has been a 30% decrease in the rate of serious claims in the construction industry in the past five years.
  • 22% of serious claims were for back injuries.
  • There has been a 22% decrease in the rate of construction fatalities over the past five years.
  • 13% of fatalities caused from falls from a height were from roofs and ladders and most of these involved falls of less than four metres.

The number of workers in the construction industry has decreased by nine per cent over the last five years. Within the construction industry, 78 per cent of workers were classed as employees and were covered by workers’ compensation schemes.

There have been significant reductions in the numbers and rates of injuries and fatalities in this industry over the same period. Nevertheless, the construction industry remains a high risk industry.

Latest data published shows the construction industry accounted for eight per cent of workers covered by Queensland workers’ compensation schemes but 12 per cent of workers compensation claims for injuries and diseases involving one or more weeks off work. It also accounted for 23 per cent of work-related fatalities.

Almost 3000 workers’ compensation claims are accepted from the construction industry each year for injuries and diseases involving one or more weeks off work. This equates to a massive 12 serious claims each work day.

Main causes of injury

  1. Hitting or being hit by an object 38%
  2. Body stressing 30%
  3. Falls, trips and slips 19%

Main causes of fatalities

  1. Vehicle incidents 35%
  2. Hitting or being hit by an object 30%
  3. Falls from a height 13%

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02 August 2016
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